ICCS Management

The ICCS represents a consortium of more than 100 North American colleges and universities.  The campus representatives of these institutions elect a Managing Committee, composed of a Chair (currently Professor Gregory Bucher), and four others. A member of Duke's Classical Studies Department is also included as Secretary. The Managing Committee appoints the teaching faculty of the Centro, approves its budget, selects the students, and supervises the curriculum and the general policy. The Global Education Program of Duke University, under a long-term agreement with the consortium members, handles the applications and oversees academic accreditation and other student-related issues. 

For the last few years, the Director of the Managing Committee has been assisted by an informal Advisory Board composed of experts in various fields, some of whom are Centristi.

The permanent resident staff, all Italian, consists of the Director Francesco Sgariglia, the Assistant Director Pina Vallefuoco, and two others, Letizia Buono and Luisa Boncompagni, who provide a comfortable and supportive environment for teaching and learning, and advise the students about how to make the most of their time in Italy. Life at the Centro has a family atmosphere, and its meals are justly famous.

In addition, the Centro is assisted by an attorney, Gianfranco Borio, and an accountant Carlo Dori of the Studio Pirola Pennuto Zei, and we are members of the AACUPI, the organization of American college programs in Italy. In the United States our attorney is Robert Pautienus of Ingraham, Pautienus & Tidwell, PLLC. The firm of Withum, Smith & Brown performs our regular audits and handles our taxes. Diane Wheeler of BNY Mellon Bank handles our investments.

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