50th Anniversary Guests

The following Centristi and their families are coming to our 50th Anniversary Celebration, June 25-29, 2015.  If you are planning to attend the celebration, please send an email to: cathy_buchanan@sbcglobal.net, and we will add your name to this list.

Virginia Anderson-Stojanovic (Spring '66) and Dragan Stojanovic
Jean Tyhurst Ferguson (Spring '66)
Douglas Lacey (Spring '66) and Cindy Silvani-Lacey
Charlene Vincent Bird (Fall '67)
Carol Dellaguila Didier (Fall '67) and Nicole Didier
James Farris (Fall '67) and Suzanne Farris
Kay Davis Talwar (Fall '67) and Ashok Talwar

Maureen Fant (Spring '68) and Francesco Filippi
Seth Stein (Spring '68) and Ellen Stein
Marlene Alva (Fall '68) and Jorge Alva
Ed Gaffney (Fall '68)
Nena Donovan Levine (Fall ’68)
Mary Carr (Spring '69)
Marcia MacHarg (Spring '69) and Heinz Hockmann
Toby Breitstein Kaufman (Fall '69) and Ted Kaufman (Fall '69)
Hollis Hurd (Spring '70) and Diane Hurd
Linda Gigante (Fall '70, Spring '71) and Marina Del Negro Karem
Elizabeth Blodgett (Spring '71) and Jonathan Don

Francis Cavagnaro (Spring '71) and Nancy Cavagnaro
Anne Leslie Saunders (Spring '71)
Arthur Aronoff (Spring '72)
Susan Brumflield (Spring '72)
Delbert Field (Spring '72 and Fall '72) and Aracelly Bernal Field
Michael Maas (Spring '72, Faculty '05-'06) and Paula Sanders
Mary Marks (Spring '72)
Mary T. Boatwright (Fall '72, Spring '73, Faculty '76-'77 & '92-'93) and Paul Feldblum
David Halperin (Fall '72, Faculty '77-'78)
David Parker (Fall '72) and Alexendra zu Pappenheim
Elizabeth Bartman (Fall '73)
Rickie Crown (Spring '74) and Richard Robb

Karolyn Morigi Armstrong (Fall '74, Spring '75), William, and Anna Armstrong
Elizabeth Taylor Yarnall (Fall ’74  & Spring ’75) and Gerry Yarnall
Tracy Barrett (Fall ’74 and Spring ‘75) & Greg Giles
Andrew Bridges (Fall ’74) and Rebecca Lyman
Susan Collings (Fall '74)
John More (Faculty '74-'75) and Livy More
Peter Burian (Faculty '74-'75, '09-'10, '13-'14), and Maura High
Deborah Lyons (Spring '75)
William Owens (Spring '75)
Bill Grueskin (Fall '75), Caryl Yanow, Julie, Caroline, and Ellie Grueskin
Kathryn Pauli (Fall '75), Alexander Eldred, John Eldred 
Patrick Landers (Spring '76) and Susan Landers
Katharine Hannaford (Spring 1978) and John Washburn
Karen Merns (Fall '78) and Jillian Merns
Lydia Belknap Duff (Fall '79) and Charles Duff
Bill Ireland (Spring '80) and Ellen Ireland
Jeff Greenbaum (Spring '80) and Alessandra Gianelli
Therese Sellers (Fall '80) and Geoffrey Gordon, Therese and Rafael Gordon
Johanna Froehlich Swartzentruber (Spring '82) and Eric Swartzentruber
William Torchiana (Fall '80) and Francoise Joly Torchiana
Mary Gray Baker (Fall '82), Clara Baker, and Raymond Baker
Maria Schneider (Fall '82) and Roger Westerman (Fall '82)
Chris Sullivan (Fall '82) and Sandra Sullivan
Jon Berkin (Spring '83) and Rebecca Zadroga
Charles Katz (Spring '83) and Jill Katz, Jacob, Robert, and Brenna Katz
Marianna Krejci-Papa (Spring '84), Alessandra and Serena Krejci-Papa 
Martha Jane Gagnon (Fall '86) and Stephen Gagnon, Daniel, Dianna, and Andrew Gagnon
Joy Somma Collins (Spring '87) and Brian Collins
J. Ari Day (Spring '87) and Bich Nguyen, Sander Day
Janine Tramontana (Spring '88) and Gareth Old
John Hartigan (Fall '88)
V. Lynn Baucom (Fall '90)
Myles McDonnell (Fall '90)
Rebecca Schindler (Spring '90)
Joel Allen (Spring '91), Andrew Rich, Barbara Rich
Bruce Kennedy (Spring '91), Erin, Lexie, and Jasper Kennedy
Caroline Waxler  (Fall '91) and Michael Levitt
Walter Englert (Faculty '92-'93 & '07-'08) and Mary Englert
Elizabeth Hogan (Spring '92)
Karilee Reinking (Fall '92) and Kimberlee Reinking
Mark Roberts (Fall '92)
Eric Foster (Spring '93), Daniela Bell, and Thalia Bell
Cori Stine Pearl (Spring '93), Thomas Pearl, and two children
Elizabeth Seyle Fenton (Fall '93) & Andrew Fenton (Fall '93, Faculty '05-'06)
Christian Parker (Fall '93) and Avanija Sarma
Kibby Schaefer (Fall '93)
Merisa Aranas Pasternak (Fall '94) and Ryan Pasternak
Lindsey Todd (Fall '94) and David Schaupner, Philippa and Alexandra Schaupner
Nathan Moore (Fall '95) and Kathryn Moore, Wyatt and Austin Moore
Sarah Armstrong (Spring '95) and Andrew Armstrong, James and Brenda McLaughlin
David Bloch (Spring '95) and Rebecca Prime, Dominic Bloch-Prime, and Paul Bloch-Prime
Paul Dowling (Spring '95) and Jenny Dowling, Phoebe Dowling
Theodore Katopis (Spring '95)
Jeremy Radcliffe (Spring '95) and Linsay Radcliffe
Yolanda Helfrich (Fall '95), Donald Helfrich, Lydia and Della Helfrich
Elizabeth Tan Braun (Fall '95) and George Braun
Sonia Sabnis (Fall '96)
Deborah Kamen (Spring '97)
Greg Bucher (Faculty '98-99, '06-'07, '11-'12), Christina Clark (Faculty '98-99, '06-'07, '11-'12) and Genevieve Bucher
Keith Ridel (Fall '00) and Stephanie Ridel
Susan Ellery (Fall '01)
Michael Zurat (Spring '03) and Michael Irwin
Dan Diffendale (Fall '03)
Allison Goldstein-Berger (Spring '04) and Seth Berger, Risa Berger
Anna Leinberger (Spring '05) and Roger Shields
Sarah Kaczor (Spring '04)
Steven Adams (Fall '05)and Eva Adams 
Jennifer Yao Lawson (Spring '05) and Caleb Lawson
Sarah Levin-Richardson (Faculty '06-'07)
Lisa Wainwright Shea (Spring '07) and Jonathan Shea
Jordana Wolf (Spring '07)
Elizabeth Gillespie (Fall '07)
Brooke Owens (Fall '07)
Alice Sharpless (Fall '07)
Peter Hoffman (Spring '09)
Morgan Pittman Hegemeyer (Spring '09) and Evan Hegemeyer
Scott Weiss (Spring '10)
Joey Weissbrot (Spring '10)
Natalie Bornstein (Spring '11)
Kara Krakower (Spring '13)
Louis Zweig (Spring '13)
Adam Asher (Fall '13)
Amanda Levit (Fall '13)
Emanuel Movroydis (Fall '13), Jonathan Movroydis, and Lillian Genute
Bartley Brown (Summer), Kathryn Welsh, Wesley Steffen, Francesca Brown
Christopher Celenza, ICCS Advisory Board and former AAR Director, and Anna Celenza
Nicholas Stanley-Price, ICCS Advisory Board and former head of ICCROM
Franco Sgariglia and Pina Vallefuoco, ICCS Directors
Pasquale Pesce, Former ICCS Director
Corb Smith (Deputy Director Emeritus, Stanford Overseas Studies) and Paul Desany
Susan Pratt (Assistant Director of Global Education, Duke University)
Cathy Buchanan (staff) and Peter Hartley

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