Centro Couples

Did you and your spouse/partner both attend the Centro, perhaps meeting there?  If so, please send us your names and a picture of you together, either from your Centro days or today. Email: giving.iccs@sbcglobal.net

Here are some Centro couples we learned about recently:

Charlene Vincent Bird (Fall ’67) and Stanley Bird (Fall ’67)
Hannah Leavitt (Fall ’67) and John Krill (Fall ’67)
Ivy Sun (Fall ’68) and Thomas Martin (Fall ’68, Spring ’69)
Toby Breitstein Kaufman (Fall ’69) & Ted Kaufman (Fall ’69)
Barbara Weiden Boyd (Fall '72) & Michael G. Boyd (Fall '72)
Daryl Murch Steel (Fall ’74) & David Steel (Spring ’74)
Maria Schneider  (Fall ’82) & Roger Westerman  (Fall ’82)
Kay Georgi (Spring ’84) & Paolo Nascimbeni (Spring ’84)
Ann Barcal Johnston (Spring ’89) and Joe Johnston (Spring ’89)
Sarah McCurdy Weinschenk (Summer ’89) and Tom Weinschenk (Summer ’89)
Elizabeth Seyle Fenton (Fall ’93) & Andrew Fenton  (Fall ‘93)
Joann Romano-Keeler (Fall ’96) and Raymond Keeler (Fall ’96)
Hilary Becker (née Smith) (Spring ’98) and Jeffrey Becker (Spring ’98) 
Lorraine Knop (Spring ’00) and David Gagliano (Fall ’00)
Brenda Melgoza Ciardiello (Fall ’02) and Matthew Ciardiello (Fall ’02)
Gavin Kentch (Spring '02) and Julie Kirklin Kentch (Spring ’02)
Julia Judge Mulhall (Fall ‘12) and and John Mulhall (Fall ’12)


Julia Judge Mulhall and John Mulhall, Fall ‘12

IMG 3260

 Brenda Melgoza Ciardiello and Matthew Ciardiello, Fall ’02

Hilary and Jeffrey Becker, Spring ‘98

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