Centro Speakers Database

The American Classical League and ICCS have established a database of Centristi willing to speak in elementary, secondary, and collegiate institutions on topics related to Classics. Included in the database are college and university professors prepared to speak on a variety of topics.  If you would like to have a Centro speaker visit your school, please contact one of the faculty members listed below using the email provided. 

We are most grateful to all who are participating in this important effort to inspire young Classics students. 

Download  a copy of the database as an Excel spreadsheet here:

Centro Speakers Database

A letter concering the program is available here:

Letter Concerning the Centro Speakers Database 

We would also like to call your attention to a program for guest speakers at schools in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Centrista Lauren Donovan Ginsberg (Fall '01) is involved with this outreach program at the University of Cincinnati. You can learn about the program on their website here: http://classics.uc.edu/index.php/outreach

Many thanks to all our teachers for your help in training the next generation of Centristi!

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