Recent Donors 10/1/16 - 6/4/17

Anonymous, in honor of Greg Bucher
Stephen D. Adams
Nolis Arkoulakis
George Aldrich
Joel Allen (2)
Marlene Alva
Stephen Armstrong and Carol Kriekard
Stephen Aronson
Michael Barich
Joseph Baronovic
Tracy Barrett
Elizabeth Bartman and Andrew P. Solomon
Aaron P. Bembenek
Tolly Boatwright, in honor of Franco Sgariglia and Pina Vallefuoco
John Bodel, in memory of Quintus Sibley
Suzanne Deal Booth
Robert Boughner
Elizabeth Braswell
Cathy Buchanan and Peter Hartley, in honor of  Franco and Pina
Peter Burian, in memory of John Arthur Hanson and John Stambaugh
Phoebe Scott Burke
Kenneth Burton
Jonathan Carp,
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Francis Cavagnaro (2)
Nora Chapman
John Chester
Patricia Ciaccio
Susan Collings, in memory of 
Benedetta and Giancarlo Galassi-Beria
Mike Critelli
Jarita Davis
J. Ari Day and Tieu-Bich Nguyen (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John DePledge, 
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Mark K. Dietrich
Dirk A. Dominick
Juan P. Dopico
Paul M. Dowling and Jennifer L. Dowling
Stephen L. Dyson (2)
Mark Edwards
Harry Evans and Fran White
Alyssa Fabrizio

Eric Foster and Daniela Bell, in honor of Tolly Boatwright and Wally Englert
Susan Frank
G. Edward Gaffney
Rabbi Ruth Gais, Ph.D., in memory of Benedetta Galassi-Beria
Steven Gamburg,
 in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Laura Gawlinski
Linda Maria Gigante,
in memory of Lillian and Anthony D. Gigante (2)
Peter Gordon
Rosanne M. Gulino, Ph.D.
Henrietta Hakes
Katherine W. Hannaford
Susan Ivers
Deirdre Johnson, in memory of Robert Bauer Palmer
Brandon Jones
Padma Kaimal
Ted Kaufman and Toby Breitstein Kaufman
Charles D. Katz
Mark Keith
Robert E. Kelly III
Megan Kim
John Wells King Jr. (2)
Matthew Knox
Jack Krill and Hannah Leavitt
Michael and Lori Krol, 
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Douglas Lacey (2)
Joel Lai
Patrick and Susan Landers
Kevin and Lisa Ledwith, 
in memory of Anthony J. Krol 
Bruce Lesser, 
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Nena Donovan Levine
Molly Limmer
Michael Maas and Paula Sanders
Louise and Donald Maier, 
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Ronald Markoff (2)
Paul M. McDermott (2)
Tom and Eileen McGinn,
in honor of Franco Sgariglia and Pina Vallefuoco
Kathleen McGraw
Donald McGuire, 
in memory of Quintus Sibley
Alice Milrod, in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Diane Milord, in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Susan Milrod,  
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Alexandra Minkovich
Mariana Hoffmann Norville
Richard S. Order,
in honor of Professor Tolly Boatwright and Professor Harry Evans
Ann O. Koloski-Ostrow and Steven Ostrow
in honored memory of Benedetta and Giancarlo Galassi-Beria
J. David Parker, in memory of Benedetta and Giancarlo Galassi-Beria
Samuel Pell
David J. Perry
Carol Relihan, in honor of Kathleen Barrett Relihan
Kristen Rewa
Thomas Richardson (2)
Deborah H. Roberts
Richard Rosenthal
Robert Schriver
Ann and Darby Scott
John Semel
Julia L. Shear
George SheetsHenry Siegel, 
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Sam and Rosanne Spear, 
in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Seth and Ellen Stein
Jane Stenmark
Hugh Sullivan
Ivy Sun and Tom Martin
Richard Talbert

Kathleen Mullaney Tarby
Janet D. Tarlow
Victoria Thatte (2)
Rhys Townsend
Joel Thomas Walker
Caroline Waxler and Michael Levitt
Jessica Winslow
Beth Yarnall, in honor of Cathy & all who work to keep us connected to the Centro
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Yearwood, in memory of Anthony J. Krol
Anne Zartarian
John D. Zidik
Robin Reeves Zorthian

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