Centro Cuisine

Widely known to be the best dorm food in the universe, Centro cuisine is prepared by the outstanding chefs shown below.  Three special recipes from Pina are included below.  Buon appetito! [Note: If you have trouble printing the recipes below, please send an email to giving.iccs@sbcglobal.net and we will send you a Word file of the recipes.]


Ingredients (serves 4): 300 gr. of “Penne” – 8 oz. of mushrooms (porcini) – 2 large eggplants – 1 garlic clove – 8 Tbs. of extra virgin olive oil – parsley, salt and pepper.

Method: Clean and slice mushrooms and eggplants. Keep 4 slices of eggplant aside to bake. Place olive oil, mushrooms and eggplants in a saucepan and cook them over medium heat. When they are half-cooked add parsley and minced garlic. In the meantime, cook pasta, drain it and cover with the sauce. Garnish it with 4 slices of eggplants that had been placed the oven at 180° F for 30 minutes: they will become crispy and transparent.





Ingredients (serves 4): 4 slices of veal – 4 slices of Parma  ham (prosciutto)  - 3 oz. of mozzarella cheese – 1 cup of tomato pulp – 1/5 cup of grated Parmesan cheese – 5 Tbs. of extra virgin olive oil – salt and pepper.

Method: Place 1 Tbs. of olive oil in a pan, add tomato pulp, a pinch of parsley, salt and pepper. Sautè for about 15 minutes at.  moderate heat. Cook the veal in another pan with 2 Tbs. of olive oil, salt and pepper. Grease a baking pan  with the leftover oil, place the veal in it, lay over a slice of prosciutto, 1 of mozzarella cheese, a Tbs. of tomato sauce and a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese.

Place into the oven at 350° F for a few minutes. Sprinkle some parsley over them and serve very hot.


Ingredients (srves 12): 1 lb. of strawberries  - 1/2 cup of sugar – 1 cup of liquid cream – 0,35 oz of isinglass  (gelatin) – 10 sponge-biscuits – 1/2 lemon – butter for the mould – 1 glass of limoncello or kirsch.

Method: Place a glass of water  in a small pot, add sugar and gelatina, already softened in cold water, mix it and let it get cool. Clean the strawberries and process them briefly. Add lemon juice and the cold syrup to the strawberry cream. Place it in a pan and put  it into the refridgerator for 20 minutes, then gently add 2/3 of whipped cream. Place the mixture into a mould for pudding already greased with butter, cover the strawberry cream with sponge-biscuits dipped into kirsch or limoncello. Place the mould in the refridgerator for 2 hours and before serving it, put it in a basin with hot water inside for a few seconds to facilitate the removal of the pudding from the mould. Garnish with whipped cream and strawberries.

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