Douglas Hulsether Named First Babcock Scholar

Douglas Hulsether of Maryville, Tennessee, has been named the first Charles L. Babcock Scholar at ICCS. Currently a sophomore at Knox College, Mr. Hulsether graduated from Maryville High School in 2012.

The Charles L. Babcock Scholarship was endowed by Andrew P. Bridges, Fall ’74,  and others in memory of Charles L. Babcock, a devoted friend of the Centro who taught for many years at Ohio State University and who was the popular ICCS Professor-in-Charge in Fall ’74.

Michael Maas, current Chair of the ICCS Managing Committee, commented, "It is terrific to see the Babcock Scholarship up and running and to have found such an enthusiastic and deserving first recipient. Charles and Douglas would really have hit it off very well with their shared excitement about Classics. The Babcock Scholarship enables the torch to be passed from generation to generation just as Andrew and the other donors envisage." 

Mr. Hulsether first became interested in Classics by way of the Yugioh trading card game. 

“When I was in elementary school, the company that made the game created an elaborate back-story for it ostensibly rooted in Egyptology. My investment as a Yugioh fan led me to research (with a fervor only a 4th grader could have) ancient Egyptian mythology,” he said.

“I’m not sure why I ended up being more interested in Classical Greece and Rome than in ancient Egypt,” he noted, “but I think that it was a combination of Yugioh becoming less popular and Greco-Roman culture becoming more relevant to my daily life.” 

At ICCS, Mr. Hulsether hopes to gain a greater appreciation of ancient Roman history by studying the ruins and material culture of Italy. He also looks forward to working with other students who love Classics.


Charles L. Babcock Scholar Douglas Hulsether

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